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At INPRO, our advisers bring over 18 years of global, professional wealth management experience to help individuals, families and business’ secure, build & preserve wealth.

Introducing Inpro Australia

INPRO is a professional advisory company focused on helping individuals and businesses understand, achieve or resolve their financial goals.  Over the past 30 years, INPRO’s advisors have delivered tailored, personalised solutions to clients seeking clear financial results and peace of mind for their financial future.  At our core, we strive to ensure our clients are able to realise their goals, free from financial anxiety by helping them continually make informed, good financial decisions.

“Knowing where you are & where you’re headed is far better than hoping for the ‘perfect’ tomorrow. Regardless of what stage you’re at, we’re here to ensure our clients remain on track by making intelligent financial decisions based on what matters most to them.”
Alex Kean

Our Services

We provide personalised, intelligent and ethical solutions for those seeking results and peace of mind for their financial future. With experienced and knowledgeable advisers who pride themselves on a professional approach, INPRO leaves you to confidently get on with life.


Often we get too caught up on our short term needs at the detriment of our long term goals. At INPRO we recognise that time is your greatest asset and work hard to ensure that you remain on track by providing intelligent, evidenced based advice to help you achieve what you value most.


In the event of any unforeseen circumstances occurring we believe it’s critically important that contingencies are in place. Insurance provides not only peace of mind, but an important and cost effective foundation for ensuring that the years of hard work and opportunities created for your future don’t go to waste.

Estate Planning &
Wealth Transfer

Over the coming decade, Australia faces the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. While it is never pleasant to consider our own mortality, ensuring that your legacy and wishes are fulfilled is not only empowering but a key element of protecting what you’ve worked to create.

Superannuation &
Retirement Planning

Making sure your super & retirement strategy is appropriate to you, the relevant risks are understood, cash flows are calculated and your timeframes are realistic can ensure that you have the best chance of living the best retirement possible.

Corporate &
Employee Services

At INPRO, we have a successful track record supporting employers who are genuinely focused on providing benefits that ensure the financial wellbeing of their employees. We work with a range of companies and their executives across; Insurance, Education Programs and Superannuation Solutions to retain and enhance the focus of their employees on the business.

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Our Process

No matter how simple or complex your needs are, our approach is built around client centricity ensuring everything we do is driven by you and your needs.  Our objective is to provide you with the right advice, at the right time, every time.


Meet &

Taking the time to identify your current financial position, understand what direction you wish to head, what obstacles your face and what you value most.



Plotting the course and documenting the pathway for your financial success. Documented advice not only gives you the greatest chance of achieving your goals but gives you peace of mind for your future.


Presentation &

We take the time to ensure you understand and are comfortable with, your strategy and the options available. Through following a clear and detailed action plan, our clients know the steps they need to take in order to achieve a longer-term outcome, aligned to their financial goals.



Winds don’t blow in the same direction and tides change, by taking the time to understand your position, we are best able to anticipate and react to changing conditions as life invariably changes.

Ready to plan your future? We can help…

Our Values

Everything we do is about you. Our sole purpose of being is to help you make intelligent and informed decisions about money so that you can focus on & lead the life you want.

We achieve this by building a strong partnership with our clients based on mutual respect & trust. This begins with and ends with being transparent with all of our advice, all of the time.

Our education, experience and perspective enables us to deliver intelligent solutions based on well researched strategies that are constantly assessed to keep our clients on track.

The three cornerstones of any successful partnership are: respect, trust and dependability. We pride ourselves on always delivering a high level of service, and advice you can rely on by a team who you can depend upon.


Personal Wealth Portal

All of your assets and liabilities are conveniently in one place so you can see everything you need at once.


Financial Knowledge Centre

A library of information designed to help build your knowledge & financial literacy.

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